Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions about your loan with First Savings Bank and would like to speak to someone, please give us a call at (866) 621-9119. Our team members are available Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm ET and Saturday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm ET to help you.

Payment Activity

Q: Can I make a payment over the phone?

A: Absolutely. First Savings Bank provides a few options for our customers to make an automated one-time draft payment from their checking account. Payments can be made online or by phone with one of our experienced Customer Care Representatives at (866) 621-9119. Please be advised there may be a live agent payment fee. The availability of this service may depend on payment status.

Q: Do I have a grace period?

A: Payments are considered past due if not received by the due date. Most loans have a period of time after that date for payments to be received and processed prior to a late charge being assessed. Please reference your Note or your monthly billing statement for the specific late fee amount and grace period allowed associated with your loan.

Q: Do you offer an auto draft payment option?

A: Yes, our automatic payment program is a free service that will save you money on postage and eliminate the need to mail checks. To set up the automatic payment program online, click on the recurring payment link underneath the payment center.

Q: If I choose to pay through auto draft, does it have to be paid on my due date?

A: No, you can select any day for your payment to be made monthly which is between the 1st through the 14th.

Q: If my payment is due on the 1st and I have a 15-day grace period, when will a late charge be assessed?

A: Most late charges are assessed after the close of business on the 16th of each month. If the 16th falls on a weekend or holiday, late charges are assessed after the close of business on the next business day. Refer to your Note to determine how many days you have between the due date and the late charge assessment date, not all loans allow for 15 days.

Q: Can I pay my monthly mortgage payment with a credit card?

A: No, your monthly payment must be drafted from a savings or checking account.

Q: My payment is automatically deducted – if my payment changed do I need to do anything?

A: No, the new payment amount will be automatically deducted from your account.

Q: When are my payments due?

A: Your monthly payment due date is established in your Note. Most Notes state a 1st of the month due date.

Q: Why did my payment change?

A: A change in your payment amount may be a result of an increase or decrease in your property taxes, annual insurance premium, or a recent ARM adjustment. The increase or decrease in your taxes may be due to a property reassessment, a change in tax rate, a change in an exemption status, or a special assessment.